Dress On The Wedding Like A Pro And Beat The Looks Of Every Pretty Lady In The Event.

To wear it you need to stitch it. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can create one to see more of this Page. NOTE: Product shown in the picture is unstitched OR semi stitched dress material. DESCRIPTION Designer Indian Party Wear Wedding Hollywood Dress. She wants to look gorgeous, radiant and sexy. It's A Brand-New Unused And Unworn Indian un-stitched salwar kameez. The quality of the stitching and fabric is going to be at its best. NOTE: Product shown in the picture is unstitched OR semi stitched dress material. It can't be wear like this. We have a trust to build and a vision to deliver, “We will always endeavour to ensure our customers are satisfied”.

A wedding is a special event in which all people wear formal clothes and everybody tries his/her best to look elegant and glamorous. Whatever the event, make it extra special with these event outfits and dresses for young ladies. Here are the most beautiful wedding dresses in new 2016 prints. Say No to old fashion, and Yes to the new 2016 fashion trends. Dress on the wedding like a PRO and beat the looks of every pretty lady in the event. Most Beautiful Pakistani Wedding Dresses 2016 For Girls Click the images, to enlarge the images for a much better look! Style.pk will try its best to update its viewers with more latest 2016 collections. So dont stop visiting us!

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Rings and other items of jewelry among affluent families are exchanged between the would-be bride and groom. In some weddings, dress code is decided before the ceremony and all men wear the same colon. Other Punjabi shalwar styles include the Pothohari shalwar, 14 Multani shalwar and the Bahawalpuri shalwar which is very wide and baggy 15 with many folds. Religious men wear long tunics. ITEM TYPE Sal war Kameez Semi-stitched - Stitching Required Any return from outside India must be clearly marked “Returned Goods”. The neck line of the gaji is cut high, and round on one side, with a slit opening extending the other. One main ingredient in adding perfection to this day is the dress of the bride. Whether, men usually prefer Suits with matching shirts and ties and even bow ties have gained consideration once again. NOTE: Product shown in the picture is unstitched OR semi stitched dress material.

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